15 August 2007

Good bye Pakistan!

Slowly we are leaving Pakistan. At the moment we are in Islamabad and in ten days more our journey in Pakistan will reach two months. We have visa for two months so this means the end. But not the end of the trip. :) We are heading to India as soon we get visa.
And Pakistan how it was? In one word : good.
All the heat, humid, dirt in Quetta (first city after the desert coming from Iran) and bad roads to Peshawar, police escorting all over the north, green, mountains including Rakaposhi, K2), snow and glacier; tribal people Kalash (really good experience), Shandur polo festival, Skardu with good treks and lakes, Swat valley for reach Pakistanis tourists, bad Internet connection; greasy food, sweet tea, people smiling, people staring at us, now monsun wheather in Islamabad... Waw!!! It was really full. For sure it is safe to travel and even more: people are hospitable because of the Islamics religion even too much!
Every country gives you its goods and bads, for India, hope the best will come first.

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