16 October 2007

India - Nepal - India

Yup, changing the countries but the 'namaste' is still the main key to enter into people hearts. From India we took a train and a lot of buses to get in Pokhara, Nepal. We had to leave our Renault 4 in India because of not having all the documents for the car. So we went backpacking.
What was the plan for Nepal? You can see it in previous post, the photos I mean. Yes we went trekking around Annapurna. It took us 20 days, 200 km, the highest pass was 5416m and about 150 euros for both. Not bad,a? :)
The only thing that it makes it not that nice is buying the permit (30 euros per person) and they are using this money to build a road. So after a while there will be no trekking, just road around Annapurna ...
What can I say? It was amazing, going up so high, meeting nice people, waiting for some days in the rain, after some time it began even to snow! When we passed Thorong La, the highest pass, it was just snow all around us.
Trekking was the main thing why coming in Nepal. Now we are shopping, relaxing and meeting friends (Karl nice to see you again with some real bear with us) ...
We are planing going back to India in few days to see the typical Varanasi and Agra. Hoping it will not be to busy and too hot. Here is now really nice temperature for traveling and we also got to know locals way of thinking so it makes easier to 'live' here.They are still mostly the Hindu people like in India just even harder to bargain and it is really hard to get a local price as a tourist.
So, going back to India ...

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