24 June 2007

Life is like a dance, you got to take your chance ...

OK, you haven't heard from me in English for a while. We are in Iran, just cruising by. Overland traveling. This time in Iran we only went to province Azerbaijan which is really nice and green. We continued our way all long the Caspian sea/lake beach and turned to Tehran. Here the heat started. So we rushed through Yazd, Bam and arrived as quick as possible to Zahedan where we made our visa for Pakistan. We had a lot of luck to get one because half year ago they stopped issuing visas for tourists at this place and we should returned back 1500 km to Tehran, where is Pakistanian embassy. But fortunately the consulate was one time in Slovenia and he had good experiences with our country. So one call that I made to Tehran to our embassy, was enough to get visa. I guess the Allah is on our side! So now we have to cross 700 km more of the desert. It is quiet a big peace for us and our car, but i am sure we will manage it.

Se na kratko : sva blizu meje s Pakistanom in z veliko srece ter nekoliko manj pameti dobila vizo za Pakistan, tako da je naslednji mesec ze oddan za to drzavo.Se nasvet: ce potujete, NUJNO, preverite tik pred odhodom, ce na konzulatih in ambasadah, kjer mislite dobiti vizo v tujini, se izdajajo vize za turiste. Tudi lonely planet nima vcasih najnovejsih podatkov.Toliko z obmejnega Zahedana. Osamljeno mesto sredi puscave.

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